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Setext NewtonText


HTML is a simple markup language for graphical browsers. It is widespread and there are many converters from and to HTML. Many programs have the option: Save as HTML.


Setext is a simple markup language too. Setext uses only alfanumeric characters, so even a simple terminal is enough.

HTML 2 Setext

This program is written in Javascript, so you can run it offline. This program converts HTML code to Setext in the following steps:
  1. Isolating the HTML code;
  2. Preparing text (remove HTML code that will be ignored, reorder tags if necessary, remove double spaces etcetera);
  3. Convert the bold, italic and underlined phrases;
  4. Compose the Setext.
The following HTML code will be ignored:
  2. Scripts;
  3. Forms;
  4. Tables.
The only tags that are formatted:
All the other tags will be ignored!


At this moment the Javascript code is tested with Netscape 2.01 on a Mac IIsi and with Netscape 4.x (Communicator) on a Wintel machine.

Functionally the program is fine. The only problem is the performance. When the HTML code is too long, the browser got an ABEND (ABnormal END). At this moment I know two possible solutions:

I hope you find this little program functional enough.

Have A Nice Smile :-)
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