Browsing with the Setextbrowser

With this SetextBrowser every webpage will be shown in the Symbol for an extra windowSetext format. The advantages of using this format are:

  1. Symbol for an extra windowReadable text;
  2. Symbol for an extra windowFast browsing;
  3. Symbol for an extra windowDevice independent;
  4. Symbol for an extra windowReducing the number of bytes used;
  5. Symbol for an extra windowPrivacy friendly, no cookies;
  6. Symbol for an extra windowSafe browsing;

A browser in a browser

The SetextBrowser is a browser in a browser. You can "hide" the original browser by switching your browser view to full screen. In most browsers you have to use the function key F11. Another option is to create a Symbol for an extra windowSite-specific browser, or a shortcut for this SetextBrowser.


This SetextBrowser displays text only. Images, movies, sounds, tables, forms and scripts are ignored completely. Hyperlinks will be shown as the following: Symbol for an extra, and are clickable as usable.

Although this text is structured enhanced text it is not pure Setext. It is a look alike. It is a look alike because strictly spoken this is a webpage instead of pure text. The main advantage of a webpage above real Setext is that it is more flexible. A well designed webpage, like this :-), will fit in every window.

Of course using this SetextBrowser has one big con. Not all information shown on the original webpage will be visible. However you might click on the link to the original version of this page, although that might have consequences for your Symbol for an extra windowprivacy.